Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Manufacturing & Petite Petula

art purchased for my new office by Doll Faced Design. It is beautiful and delicate and intricate and I could not love it more.

The new Petite Petula, (tiny store, manufacturing and office), is coming....along. It has been a little more difficult than I had anticipated making the adjustment.

The space is wonderful, but so much smaller than I'm used to, it is a bit frustrating trying to change the way I have been working for the past 8 years. Right now, it feels a little bit like camping. You know how when you try cooking, let's say, coffee over a campfire? And making a pot of coffee takes about a 45 minutes? Well, that is how I feel trying to work in my new space. Like I'm making coffee in an old tin percolator on an open flame.
I'm also missing my Burien routine. I miss my 20 minute drive in where I plan my day, I miss my Starbucks baristas, (but sorry, not Starbucks coffee), I miss my massive manufacturing space, and I miss Tony, my old UPS guy. I miss my routine.

I know I'll settle in soon, but I'm surprised by how "off" I'm feeling.
I must mention, that my new UPS guy is ALSO named Tony, and he is almost as cute as Old Tony. He is defiantly more chatty than Old Tony. But me and Old Tony really didn't need words. Saying, "goodbye" to Old Tony was hard. He was the best UPS man a girl could ever ask for.
Below are pictures of my new space. The color was chosen to be super girly and warm. Never have I had a pink room, and I'm loving it. Also, I'm decoupaging one entire wall (10 feet tall by 20 feet long!), with vintage dictionary illustrations. It looks good and is educational at the same time. It will look even better when it is done. I'll keep you posted!


babyhoot. said...

I saw "Old Tony" today. He didn't know I was there, and was going to sit and wait outside in his truck for 20 minutes when we usually get there, because he knew I needed our package today.
He IS the best. And I like what you're doing with the wall- will be so worth all the labor once it's finished! said...

I saw 'Tony' the UPS guy when I was drivng home a few weeks ago. Saw Mike the mailman too... I know how you feel about missing the Burien routine....I especially miss my short drive to work.

Anyway, your new space looks great.
I love the pink walls! Can't wait to see it when everything is done.