Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good Clean Dog Winner!

Meet our Good Clean Dog Giveaway winner, Rocco! Rocco will receive one of each of our Good Clean Dog Spa Products. Apparently, Rocco loves the water which is perfect for all the baths he will be taking. Hopefully he will share his Good Clean Dog stash with his two brothers. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo for our contest.
*interesting side note...I took these photos off Rocco's Mom's Blog. And these photos were about 1/100th of my choices. Good thing she doesn't have kids. They would be neglected....God, I hope she doesn't have kids.


Modest Mousketeer said...

Yippy! Woo HOO!! Hurray for Rocko!!! Thanks a million for having an awesome giveaway, we're fatter- I mean, FLATTERED!

And no, we do not have children because children require a different level of sacrifice that I am not willing to accept. Another reason for not have children is the fact that they cannot be put in a box and left at home a good portion of the day unattended. And then there's the back-talking and asking for stuff and using your hairbrush... I have my reasons lets just leave it at that.

And I'm not going to mentioned that the little foot in that photo montage is Lucca's 'cuz that mike make you feel bad and I DO NOT want you to feel bad about that. Mums the word.

Sweetest Petula said...

Ha! Ha! I just had to use the foot, and not that I have favorites, but Lucca is my favorite. He is delicious and I want to cuddle him for 6 hours straight. I would kiss him right on the lips with out any care of germs.