Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Drink wine…this is life eternal;this is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment; this moment is your life….”-Omar Khayyam

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweet Petula's Moving Sale starts Friday!
(please note: Our last day of business in Madison Valley is Tuesday, December 30th)

Everything is now on Sale, including all bedding & furniture for 40% off, and everything else 30% off. Please come buy it, so I don't have to put it in a box and move it.

If you ask me..the most exciting thing is $9.99 clothing rack & the 1/2 off the last price table (up to 80% off). So seriously people. Come see me.
In the process of moving, the Pioneer Square shop will be closed.
so sorry for the inconvenience, but we need all hands on deck in Madison Valley

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Hanukkah
from me to you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Hundred Dresses

Last night on my way home from work I stopped off at Cafe Vita and spotted an art opening postcard that piqued my interest.

One Hundred Dresses
Kumiko & Sanae Ishida
at Gather in Columbia City
January 10th-February 8th

Described as, "toddler wear meets haute couture". This is a unique auction of artist Kumiko Ishida's beautifully handcrafted dresses made from recycled textiles. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to local charities.

The story behind the art is that artist/grandmother, Kumiko Ishida began making clothing for her granddaughter. She started salvaging textiles and recycling them into exquisite little dresses. Before she knew it, she'd pieced together hundreds of little dresses, many outgrown by her granddaughter before they were ever worn. Which sounds to me like the beginnings of a sweet old-fashioned fairy tale.

Originally from Tokyo, Kumiko practiced art in Germany and New York before moving to Los Angeles. In addition to her very prolific sewing, she paints and gardens every day.You can preview the dresses and meet the artists (Grandmother, and her daughter Sanae, who is a painter) at a reception beginning 2 p.m. Jan 10, at Gather.
(Gather is located in Columbia City at 4863 Rainer Ave. South in Seattle.)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Change is good.

(moving card by modern printed matter)

My New Year's Resolution to simplify came early this year.

I have decided to close the Madison Valley store. The Pioneer Square location is now open and the back half is where we manufacture our products. There is now an area in the front just for retail. It is a great little spot (think Petite Petula), and I'm very excited to have just one place I need to be everyday.
Thanks to everyone who has shopped in Madison Valley. I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to visit us downtown as Sweet Petula grows.
In the meantime, we are having a sale at Sweet Petula/Madison. Everything is 20% off and all Bedding & Furniture is 30% off. The day after Christmas we will start our big clearance sale with everything 30-50% off. Our last day in Madison will be December 29th. So don't miss out on some great items.
Holiday Hours of Operation/Madison Valley
Sunday 11-5
Monday 11-6
Tuesday-Saturday 10-6
While we are wrapping things up in Madison Valley, the downtown shop will have limited open hours. I'll update the blog weekly.
Hours of Operation/Pioneer Square
Friday 19th 11-5
Saturday 20th 11-5

you think it's cold?

How exciting that Mother Nature has forced me to stay home today! Everything is so quiet and peaceful outside right now. If only my apartment building would turn on the heat. My sweet little niece, Anneka (pictured above), lives in Siberia with my sister and her husband. Apparently, it is very very cold in Siberia and they haven't even invented things like electric blankets or hot water heaters yet. Jami & Leif (sister & husband), are the most tolerant people I have ever met in my life. They could be camping in Alaska while wearing bikinis all the while talking about how grand life is.

Monday, December 15, 2008

would you date a boy with a pet crow?

My brother has a pet crow. Her name is Marie. Neither one of them reads my blog, so I feel I can speak frankly here.

I love my brother to death and think he is quite the catch...but I can't help but wonder if his pet crow is hindering his dating options. A few months ago, I gently tried telling him that the pet crow may be good info to share on a third, or even tenth date...but he protested stating, "having a pet crow is EXACTLY the kind of thing you should tell a girl on the first date".

To be fair to my brother, he has no problem meeting women. He is funny and talented and outgoing and talks to everyone. He is also an art professor at a small college, and tends to meet only women under 22.

I've told a few of my friends about him. Not necessarily trying to fix him up or anything, but the responses have been so varied and interesting. From Sidney, "what's up with the crustation obsession" (another story), and from Jean, "A pet crow? That's wonderful".

It got me thinking about dating and what sortof of deal breakers we have set in our minds before even meeting a person. For example, I would never date a man who wore capri pants. Or who used a lot of hair product. Or who made me kill my own spiders. But what if this stylish arachnophobic was the man of my dreams? Do I need to rethink my deal breakers?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sweet find

I love these photo boxes by Portland company Esoule. I've been coveting them for months. Originally, I found them online, but had recently saw them displayed at a little shop in the Wallingford center. They are even better in real life.

The artist, Elizabeth (E.Soule), is a wonderful photographer and you must check our her site to see the full range of her work. I'm smitten at the moment with the Little Zoo Series, but her Flowers and Objects & Collections series are equally impressive.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pioneer Square is Officially OPEN!

Sweet Petula Pioneer Square is now open!
Please come visit.
The week of December 7th-December 14th hours of operation are:
Monday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 11-5
Saturday: 11-5
Sunday: Closed
(On days we are "closed", I will be in and out and most likely around. If your in the area and want to stop by...please do. The odds are pretty good I will be there. Once we are fully staffed, our hours will be les random.....I promise!)
Soap Seconds! Everyone's fav.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am quietly opening the Pioneer Square shop tomorrow.
Quietly? Yes, because there is a Seahawks game, and unless your already downtown, parking will be impossible....but I would love to see you there.
208 S. Jackson St.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

sweet find

New Sweet Petula blog feature alert.....
"Sweet Finds"
Things that delight and inspire me.

Pretty mobile made from vintage French magazines by Royal Buffet. Delicate paper butterflies suspended from a star by silvery thread for your looking delight. Check out their shop for more lovelies.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
Just in case you were wondering what I would like this year, I have compiled a sure to check back often, as I will be adding items regularly. And for the record, I have been very nice (er) this year.
Wool and cashmere ruffle scarf by Portland designer, SarahSeven.

Custom Letterpress printed business cards by Invited Ink.

Anything delicious little thing from Whimsy & Spice.

Meridith Hobo by BCBGMAXAZRIA, available at Saks Fifth Avenue and a true bargain at $298.00

From Tiffany's of course. Conveniently located here....for easy purchasing.

Candles made in vintage containers by Mireio. This one is my favorite....Sandalwood Rose in this gold opalescent glass.

2009 Calendar by Alicia Bock, my favorite Polaroid photographer.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Our biggest SALE of the year....
Saturday & Sunday
December 6th & 7th
Buy any 2 Sweet Petula products, Get 1 Free
First 25 customers each day will receive a Sweet Petula style lottery ticket
EVERY ticket is a winner!
We are also having our Haute Goat Trunk Show on Saturday..hope to see you.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soap Subscription...better than Cosmo

I've been wanting to do this for years...and finally just got around to it. Have one bar of soap delivered to you (or a very special guest), each and every month with a Sweet Petula Soap Subscription.
3 month subscription $24.00
6 month subscription $48.00
1 year subscription $96.00
Your first bar will be shipped as soon as your order is placed. Each additional bar will be shipped on the 10th of each month and arrived beautifully gift wrapped. This makes a great gift for someone special...or even yourself! Come to our Trunk Show next week and enter to win a 3, 6, or yearly subscription.
Monthly shipping is included in cost of subscription. Please let us know if this is purchased as a gift so that we can include a special message from you.
Can be bought in our on-line Etsy shop, or by calling the retail store at 206.431.9311
The following is a general idea of what will be sent. Of course, if you have a preference, we will send you whatever your heart desires.
January/Sea Spa
February/Sweet P.
March/Fleur de Lis
April/Ruby Grapefruit
May/Ginger Blossom
June/Bay Rum
July/Fresh Lavender
September/Mediterranean Mint
October/Sweet P.
November/Ginger Blossom
December/Bay Rum

Friday, November 28, 2008

Trunk Show

Saturday, December 6th
at Sweet Petula 10:00-6:00
I know, I know...I've mentioned these scarves like a bijillion times. But you all love them! They are flying out of the shop, so I decided to have a Trunk Show. Heidi, the designer will be present with TONS of stock. Including lots of great scarves, in colors Sweet Petula doesn't stock, new 100% cashmere eye pillows (how decadant!), & just for showing up, you can enter to win a scarf of your very own!

2717 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112
(Just in case you forgot where we are)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday

Yuck. I hate the term, "Black Friday". The name is lame as well as all that it stands for. Normally, I keep my blog pretty happy-go-skippy, but for one moment, I am going to be pretty serious. I'm begging you all.....skip Walmart and stores of the like this year. It has never been more important to let your dollars do the talking. Shop local and put your money back into the Seattle economy. It doesn't have to be Sweet Petula, but please make it count.
And if it is Sweet Petula.......mention this email and I'll give you $10 to spend however you please.
I'm off to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in a little boutique hotel. Thanks to everyone who so graciously invited us to join their festivities. You are all too good to me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

please. and thank you.

I would really love these seasons plates from baileydoesntbark for Christmas. They are so delicate and modern at the same time.

my b.f. can be reached at Feel free to send hints and or reminders and I'll return the favor.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Frost Pinecone from Voluspa

New diffusers and candles just in from Voluspa. From their Season's Collection.....Frost Pinecone.

Voluspa's Frost Pinecone scent is a combination of deep rich forest cypress, crunchy spice pine needles and woody pinecone seeds. This collection smells just like the holidays.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winner Alert and ANOTHER giveaway!

The big winner of our Sample giveaways is Rachel of My Little Sunshine. Rachel is a super awesome chick and I'm so happy she won. Yea for Rachel! I just went snooping on Rachel's blog, and found she is having a little giveaway of her own...see how fast karma works? Anyway, her giveaway is for 7 of her famous lip balms. We sell these little babies at the shop and I'm amazed at how quickly they fly out of their little basket. So go now and enter.

The tinted ones are my favorite!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early Holiday Shopping Deals

Get your Holiday Shopping done early & receive some great goodies as our present to you! (use as extra gifts...or keep for yourself...we won't tell). Of course for some of you (me included) this is WAY WAY early, but scoot on in anyway!

Spend up to $20
& get a FREE Aromatherapy Sea Salt Packet & Guest Soap....wrapped up all pretty of course!
$7 value

Spend $21-$50
& get a FREE Full Sized Soap & Aromatherapy Sea Salt Packet...makes the perfect little hostess gift.
$13 value

Spend $51-$75
& get a FREE Full Sized Soap, Aromatherapy Sea Salt Packet & Full Sized Shea Butter Hand & Body Balm.
$25 value

Multiple puchases WILL qualify for multiple discounts. For example...spend $100 and get both free gift 2&3! If you all go completely crazy with shopping frenzy, we may need to subsitute some of the giveaway products for like items. We promise to make it just as wonderful.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can we come to your house for Thanksgiving?

Last night Tom & I were discussing our Thanksgiving plans. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our original plan to go visit my family in Spokane due to some work issues (mine). I was pretty excited to go, as my Mom just bought a brand new house and it is going to be the first Thanksgiving there. Tom was excited to get out of town & Mom was excited because Tom was going to cook. But we had to cancel. And now we have no plans.

As we were discussing what to do, I came up with the idea of spending it with a family of complete strangers. Wouldn't that be interesting? We could take out a personal ad on Craig'sList. How hard could it be to find a nice big family to spend the holiday with? Doesn't that sound like delightful idea?

Just for the record, Tom hates my idea. Obviously he has no sense of adventure. His alternate ideas are to spend the day at home, invite over friends, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Yawn.

So if I can convince my boyfriend to join me....I'd love to come to your house. Then I can forgo the Craig'sList thing. My preference is a family that serves a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, has at least one Grandparent present, some little kids running around, and a drunk Uncle with grab hands.

I'll bring pie. Or dress like a Pilgrim...the choice is yours.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Soap Seconds Available in our Etsy Shop

Super fantastic deal for those who like super fantastic deals! 3 lbs of bulk soap packaged in a bag. Most of our regular customers know and love these bags of "soap seconds". They are now available in our Etsy Shop.
For those of you unfamiliar...when I make a batch of soap, it is poured into a huge 2x2 foot mold, that is then cut into bricks, then bars. When cutting down, long sheets are "leftover".
I also just listed a bunch of "slightly unsightly" soap bars that are about 80% perfect and come in a bulk wrap (as pictured above).
Go here to buy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

flying off the shelves

More Cashmere scarves in from Haute Goat today. These babies are flying off the shelves. Come in to see the new colors. Heidi (Mrs. Haute Goat herself), brought in some pretty heather grays, pinks and creams.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hey baby...what's your sign?

Brand NEW....from David Aubrey. Zodiac necklaces. I love these and think I must absolutely have one for myself. Available in know like Cancer, Taurus and such, and the Chinese goat, and tiger, and RAT...which I am, and quite frankly, this fact does not please me. I'd prefer to be a gazelle or swan or something. Are those an option? These necklaces are a 18kt gold plated pendant and a cluster of semi precious and glass stones with an 18kt gold plated leaf charm. It’s set on a 16 inch 18kt gold plated chain that fastens with a lobster clasp. Each comes with a message card describing the symbol. A fantastic gift! For yourself.

$45.00 each

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Samples, Samples, Samples..and more Samples

Okay, so the puppy above has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Except for the fact that I love puppies. And this one is tres smoochable. I wish he were mine. I've already named him, "snickers". But anywho......

One of the great job perks I have (owning a shop), is getting samples. Tons and tons of product samples. Sent to me, handed to me at shows, dropped off by sales reps, etc., etc. It is pretty fun. Like a constant ever changing swag bag. But I'm in the process of cleaning out my office and my little sample shelf runneth over.

There is no possible way for me to try all these goodies so I've decided to give away a big bag to some lucky reader! There is soap and lotion and fingernail polish and perfume and masks, and toners, and simply too much to list. If you want it, simply enter yourself by leaving a comment and I'll pick someone at random on the 15th. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween! I simply love Halloween. Costumes are the best. Especially non-sexy costumes. Sexy is easy...try clever instead. Above, the most perfect of all costumes. A mini-moustache. Perfect for going incognito. Available here.

I don't know what is cooler...the dog or his disguise.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just in today, the prettiest little camis & panties by Arianne. Pictured above, the "Emma" cami, which can be worn as lingerie or outerwear. I'm loving the straps on these. They are a super soft mesh that compliments the floral lace design, and the entire body is lined with the same mesh. Making for a very comfortable non-transparent sexy cami. These are so pretty! I wish I had a photo of the cute hipster panty it must come in.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

anything your heart desires

The perfect gift for almost anyone! These little silver wish bones are $8.00...and the possibilities are endless. Imagine giving someone whatever there heart desires in the form of wishes! Of course they are packaged up all nicely in a little brown box with ribbon and a Sweet Petula tag.
(p.s. we only have ten, and they are vintage...not reorderable)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freebies for All!

Sweet Petula kicks off our new Frequent Buyers Rewards program this Saturday......You've been asking for it for years!.....and now here it is!
Spend $50 on Sweet Petula products
and receive a free Handmade Soap of your choice ($8-$9 value)
Spend $75 on Sweet Petula products
and receive a free Effervescent Tablet Trio Pack ($15 value)
Spend $100 on Sweet Petula products
and receive a Sweet Petula Bath & Body Care Gift Set ($25 value)

We will have your Frequent Buyers Card on file here at the shop. All you need to do is sign up for the program and we will take care of the rest. Each time you purchase Sweet Petula body care, we will make a note on your card and let you know when you reach each reward level.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Organic Cotton Towels

My favorite time of year! We have so much stock coming in...I can hardly keep up with the pricing and display. Just in today, soft, luxurious towels made from 100% certified organic cotton. Each comfy towel is crafted from 100% combed organic cotton for an extra-soft, plush feel. A truly green product, the cotton used is grown without chemicals or pesticides, so they’re good for the earth—and heavenly against your skin. Sweet Petula is stocking the pure white and the pale celery, but all colors can be special ordered.
Bath $24.00
Hand $16.00
Wash $8.00

Thursday, October 16, 2008

we are turning 8 and want to celebrate!

Mark your calendars.....
Saturday, October 25th, Sweet Petula is turning 8.
Join us from 10-6 for 25% off all Sweet Petula products, Sign up for our new rewards program and much much more.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just in!

Butter London Nail Polish
Guarantee a perfect pedicure and a marvelous manicure with this fabulous new line of Butter London Nail Polish ($12 each). Unlike the polish you're currently using, Butter London is completely free of cancer-causing toxins (which are just not sexy). Available in pretty much every shade of the rainbow—Come to Handbag Holiday and Frilly Knickers among them—so you can get your paint on without a side of pollutants. Come check out the 18 pretty colors we just got in.
Super cool side note: Butter London is a Seattle company! In need of services? Butter London has 3 locations in the Seattle area. They offer wonderful "dry" manicures & pedicures at extremely reasonable rates.
~Westlake Center 3rd Floor
~SeaTac Airport Concourse C
~Starbucks Center in Sodo 3rd Floor