Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winner Alert and ANOTHER giveaway!

The big winner of our Sample giveaways is Rachel of My Little Sunshine. Rachel is a super awesome chick and I'm so happy she won. Yea for Rachel! I just went snooping on Rachel's blog, and found she is having a little giveaway of her own...see how fast karma works? Anyway, her giveaway is for 7 of her famous lip balms. We sell these little babies at the shop and I'm amazed at how quickly they fly out of their little basket. So go now and enter.

The tinted ones are my favorite!


always sunny said...

the only thing that i like more than winning cool things is YOU.

thank you thank you thank you!!
are the new balms that i sent you selling yet?

happy sunday!!!
and YAY for winning and yay for the banana coffee muffins i am making right now. want one?

home2k9 Alpha said...

Hurray for Rachel!

always sunny said...

it's these types of things that makes me not a good "sharrer". i teach lanna how important it is to share and then things like this happen. i buy SP products to use, and to someday "give as a gift" yet, i never give them away. i keep them and use them. ooooooh how i use them.

babyhoot. said...

Lucky Rachel. I won her contest a long time ago; and if she won yours... does that mean you're destined to win if WE have a contest?