Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday

Yuck. I hate the term, "Black Friday". The name is lame as well as all that it stands for. Normally, I keep my blog pretty happy-go-skippy, but for one moment, I am going to be pretty serious. I'm begging you all.....skip Walmart and stores of the like this year. It has never been more important to let your dollars do the talking. Shop local and put your money back into the Seattle economy. It doesn't have to be Sweet Petula, but please make it count.
And if it is Sweet Petula.......mention this email and I'll give you $10 to spend however you please.
I'm off to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in a little boutique hotel. Thanks to everyone who so graciously invited us to join their festivities. You are all too good to me.


Callista said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your day!

always sunny said...

i got my goodie box today!!!!
it was wonderful. just wonderful. soaps, lotions, potions and magic OH MY. lanna had so much fun going through it. thank you thank you thank you.