Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can we come to your house for Thanksgiving?

Last night Tom & I were discussing our Thanksgiving plans. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our original plan to go visit my family in Spokane due to some work issues (mine). I was pretty excited to go, as my Mom just bought a brand new house and it is going to be the first Thanksgiving there. Tom was excited to get out of town & Mom was excited because Tom was going to cook. But we had to cancel. And now we have no plans.

As we were discussing what to do, I came up with the idea of spending it with a family of complete strangers. Wouldn't that be interesting? We could take out a personal ad on Craig'sList. How hard could it be to find a nice big family to spend the holiday with? Doesn't that sound like delightful idea?

Just for the record, Tom hates my idea. Obviously he has no sense of adventure. His alternate ideas are to spend the day at home, invite over friends, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Yawn.

So if I can convince my boyfriend to join me....I'd love to come to your house. Then I can forgo the Craig'sList thing. My preference is a family that serves a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, has at least one Grandparent present, some little kids running around, and a drunk Uncle with grab hands.

I'll bring pie. Or dress like a Pilgrim...the choice is yours.


always sunny said...

oh my god. i just wasted like a good tablespoon of a perfectly good margarita through my nose.

grab hands. that's hot.

Sweetest Petula said...

well, the creepy uncle isn't a requirement, but the Turkey is.

One year at a step-grandparent's house, they served glazed ham. It was the most disappointing moment of my 7 year old life up to that point.

In fact, I think it was also the first time the words, "WTF?" sprung to mind.

always sunny said...

that is terrible!
pig, bird...maybe they thought they were from similar ships. i am really sorry for that. i wish i could take that back.

gran family said...

my mom has always wanted to go to the airport and pick up stranded travelers so they could spend their holiday with people and laughter instead of the airport.
she always wants a full house. So far, we have 14 adults. Wanna make it 16?! Seriously, you know you're invited!!

home2k9 Alpha said...

Cory my dear, you are more than welcome to spend your T-day with us and I would hope that your boyfriend knows what's good for him and will join you wherever you go. We will be on Queen Anne Hill at Hans' Aunt's house among many small children, several grandparents and even a couple of great-grandparents. Hans' family is so wonderfully warm and inviting and full of life and you are guaranteed a turkey with all the trimmings. There will be so many people you will be able to join in or disappear, that's the beauty of a giant gathering. Unfortunately, you will have to give up the grab-hands as all the men are well behaved (well... then again, uncle Harold is a possible character deviation) and the other unfortunate item is lutefisk. There's usually lutefisk, but nobody will make you eat it. Let me know, I think your idea is splendid!

Sweetest Petula said...

you guys are so sweet!

and Jessica, your mom, besides looking 30, is RAD!