Monday, December 15, 2008

would you date a boy with a pet crow?

My brother has a pet crow. Her name is Marie. Neither one of them reads my blog, so I feel I can speak frankly here.

I love my brother to death and think he is quite the catch...but I can't help but wonder if his pet crow is hindering his dating options. A few months ago, I gently tried telling him that the pet crow may be good info to share on a third, or even tenth date...but he protested stating, "having a pet crow is EXACTLY the kind of thing you should tell a girl on the first date".

To be fair to my brother, he has no problem meeting women. He is funny and talented and outgoing and talks to everyone. He is also an art professor at a small college, and tends to meet only women under 22.

I've told a few of my friends about him. Not necessarily trying to fix him up or anything, but the responses have been so varied and interesting. From Sidney, "what's up with the crustation obsession" (another story), and from Jean, "A pet crow? That's wonderful".

It got me thinking about dating and what sortof of deal breakers we have set in our minds before even meeting a person. For example, I would never date a man who wore capri pants. Or who used a lot of hair product. Or who made me kill my own spiders. But what if this stylish arachnophobic was the man of my dreams? Do I need to rethink my deal breakers?


always sunny said...

i have to mull over the crow idea. does the crow come before me? does he talk about the crow all day long? he does look cute thought.
i absolutely have deal breakers. i would never date a boy who smokes. i also would never date someone who is into debating. i would never date a boy who hates cats. or wildly talked about politics or religion. also, if he is not exactly like my husband, he probably has no chance.

Sweetest Petula said...

so your cool with capri pants?

Leif and Jami Gustafson said...

I LOVE this post. I'd have to meet the crow first. But I love the guy who owns the crow. Who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

I wound up marrying a man who dresses up in StarWars costumes, granted it's generally for charity events to raise money, but I know many a people who have a problem with that and it would be a deal breaker for them. I always think it could be worse... so a crow? It's a pet, no biggie. It's not like it's a rat or a snake. But capri's? No way No how. There has to be a line somewhere!

always sunny said...

no, i am absolutely not ok with capri pants. that would make me really uncomfortable. i think i have seen those one time on a 'man' and i remember looking at him like he was some kind of exibit. it was concerning.

always sunny said...

hey callista!
did your husband come to my husbands comic show? he has the spoakne comicon and we had quite a few starwars dudes there and it was soooo much fun. it was in May at Gonzaga. or...maybe you know them?

Sweetest Petula said...

The Capri pant was very popular this summer in Seattle. On men.

I also don't like those tight bicycle pants. You know, how their junk looks all vacumn packed? Yikes.

Sweetest Petula said...

Jami, Being related, we are required by law to adore him.

Callista, Like Hans Solo? Tell me more...with details.

always sunny said...

i really can spell spokane. i swear.

:::ZebraLilly::: said...

I think if someone is able to love and devote time to a crow, its lovely. He sounds like a nice guy :)
My boyfriend wanted to get into the capri scene this summer...ugh...I didn't let him but he forecasted the trend about 3 years ago and I said "Yeah, right". He's a little different like that, though. Starwars costumes, no. Capri pants, yes.

Sidney Ann said...

I would use those as a guideline rather than a rule. My only rule (NOT a guideline): no more assholes.

Andrea Ballard said...

No one who speaks of themselves in the third person, no one who owns a monkey, and no one in a different area code (I had to relax that one when cell phones came along.)

Gypsyjens said...

Good Morning Cory! Happy New Year to one of my most favorite cousins!
I am so proud of You and David both. I wanted to comment about David and his black bird. I have never met the bird, but I must say that if anyone has an oportunity t meet David, you will absolutely LOVE HIM! At our age, if you are dating someone in their 30's, chances are they have children already! But not David. He has a bird. Just a bird. David has this witty charm about him that makes him very fascinating and intrigueing. His soul and spirit is gentle and kind. He loves his work and is very artisticly talented. If Cory says David is coming to visit, ask to meet him while he is in town. I'm telling you, you will absolutely adore him! He will make you laugh so hard and feel extremely comfortable. He really is a catch. I'm surprised someone hasn't snatched him up already.

Well, I have to go to work now, so I'll say Tootles for now.

I love you and miss you Cory! Call me sometime.


Gypsyjens said...
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meg said...

Hello,Im sorry this has nothing to do with yer brother.
But,I am very curious,how he got the crow as a pet.
I love crows and would love to have one.
I've been searching and looking to see how to do so.
And this was one of the results.
so any info would be greatly appreciated :)