Monday, June 9, 2008

how pretty

yes, I should be working....but look at these! Made by iheartnorwegianwood, these blouses are reworked "secretary blouses". You know the kind. Boxy, ugly, unfeminine...perfect for that 80's secretary look. Well, iheartnorwegianwood has taken these babies and made them pretty! So pretty!
Made by super sewer, Angie Johnson, who has been sewing as long as she can remember! Shea describes herself as, "a small town prairie girl transplanted to a French Canadian city in eastern Canada, Montreal. I make clothing, pillows and accessories using vintage and new fabrics, various trims and other fun bits that I dig up in strange little stores throughout this mysterious city. Every single item is handmade by me in my studio/apt here in Montreal".
Angie also runs a brick and mortar store with her boyfriend Tyson in Montreal. Check it out here.


Modest Mousketeer said...

It's for the month of June, Boo. I have such trouble with Fibromyalgia-type autoimmune crap and my body just ceases to function at a certain point if I don't lay off the sauce. That is, dairy and sugar mostly. Not fair, but I could be stricken with a far worse plight so... I manage. I'm feeling particularly horrid this morning so forgive me if this post contains horrid grammar and a lack of logic. Just remember, pain = retail therapy = shopping from Sweet Petula = GOOD. :o)

ThePeachTree said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!