Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Winner!

(meet the winner of our Father's Day Bay Rum Giveaway! The following was completely poached from the winner's blog)
...drinks coke out of a wine glass.
...thinks potato chips count as a vegetable.
...doesn't believe in oven mitts or pre-heating the oven.
...makes a really mean breakfast (without using the oven).
...will try to order a milkshake from the flight attendants when flying.
...once shook a piece of cantaloupe at me and my sisters and said, "remember, you can't elope!".
...has perfected a piked deltoid gorbetchov with a double twist.
....has never gone above 60 mph on the freeway (it's the limit).
...still sometimes refers to twenty-five cents as "two bits". rilly silly. Happy father's day!
p.s. I do know the winner of this entry, and just fyi...I did not do the picking for the grand prize giveaway. My method of choosing a winner (very scientific), was to call Sarah at the store, ask her to pick a number between 1 and 13 (there were thirteen entries), and she picked 12. She had no idea who or what the number was in relation to. I'm really not picking favorites!


always sunny said...

he is a riot, and i am glad that i got to meet him!
congrats dad!
and yes, get in there and fix that electrical. happy fathers day!!

Modest Mousketeer said...

Congratulations big winner... it's fun to be a big winner, I KNOW.

Sidney Ann said...

I'd like to thank The Academy...