Monday, March 17, 2008

Unexpected "Snow Day" Causes Bathroom Sprucing!

I was headed to Spokane this weekend for a much anticipated "Princess Party" for my 2 year old niece. Unfortunately, it was snowing on the pass, and I decided to stay home, as snow driving just isn't my thing.
Since I had already set aside the entire weekend of NO WORK and really had nothing to do, I decided to do a much needed bathroom sprucing up! Unfortunately, I suffer from an affliction I like to call "analysis paralysis"....commonly obsessing for years (yes, years!), over the perfect color, the right fixture, etc., etc., so I decided to give myself 2 rules.

#1 Do it in 2 Days

#2 Only Spend $100
(well..that was my boyfriends rule. He sometimes gets to make them)

Before/Organization? Yikes! I bet this is exactly how you all pictured my luxurious bathroom sanctuary to look like huh? To be fair...we did just move in.

Before/Walls were painted this weird grassy green color that made everything look yellow and yucky.

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