Monday, March 3, 2008

today is a good day for a long hot soak

It's drizzly and cold outside. A perfect day for going home early & soaking in the tub.

Yesterday I made over 600 of these sparkling bath tablets for Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle. They are going to be putting our salts & fizzies in their rooms for guests to use. The rooms there are amazing. Each room has these huge bathrooms with a free standing two person "fill from the ceiling" pedestal tub. Very indulgent. My sweet boyfriend took me there last year for Valentine's Day. Definately worth a visit...even if you live in Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

what a super fly blog. What a nice store you have, was it professionaly painted by anyone I might recognize? I look forward to using your soaps and bath products for many many years to come. tb