Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of SPRING

It's official. The first day of Spring! I feel like celebrating.
I'm going to run barefoot through some grass wearing a breezy cotton dress with a sprig of chamomile tucked behind my a fabric softener commercial. If only I had a patch of grass. I wonder what passersby would think if I performed my little spring celebration in the middle of traffic on Queen Anne Ave?
Okay, maybe that is a little far fetched. But I love Spring. It is so full of newness and promise. Here are a few random acts of Spring-time celebrating I'm really going to try.
Buy a bouquet of my favorite flowers...daffodils
Get a pedicure & have my nails painted pale pink
Clean my entire apartment with all the windows open
Plant some primroses in my window box
Eat a lot of Marshmallow Peeps...yellow is the best...& my Grandpa's favorite
Buy a new dress
Force Cherry Blossoms indoors
Enjoy the Spring Rain
Prepare a simple fresh dinner
Drive around with my windows down and the sun on my face
this list should keep me busy for awhile.
How do you celebrate? I would love to hear everyones Springtime me a message

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