Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh Sweet Friend

I decided a few weeks ago that I may...possibly...perhaps...have a sugar problem. My daily, "I think I'll have a little treat" had turned into, "Where's my GOD D*#%* COOKIE?". So I decided to go cold turkey. No treats, no mochas, no sugar of any kind, natural or processed until I wasn't so dependant. The first few days were rough, but slowly, I started feeling great...amazing in fact. I had more energy, true hunger for healthy foods and a more positive mental outlook. I was feeling great! Accomplished! Satisfied that I have been doing so well. Hooray for me!
Then Tom B. came home (the boyfriend). Of course I was happy to see him....and even more excited when he casually mentions while passing through the living room, "I brought you home a present". For me? A present? Yippee! I love presents! What could it be?
It was a piece of beautiful dark chocolate cake.
I immediately decided I would eat some. Not the whole piece...just half. I have read, "French Women Don't Get Fat". Your supposed to eat what you really crave. Just not too much of what you desire. Just a taste. I can do that. I can be that French woman...having my cake and eating it too. There is no way I was saying, "goodbye" to sugar forever.
The first few bites were amazing.....delicious...hello old friend...I've missed you. happened. Around the fourth bite. It tasted....bad. Too rich and too sugary. It hurt my stomach. I had to stop. WHAT? But I love cake. I've never met a cake I didn't like. I sometimes attend birthday parties of people I don't particularly care for...just for the cake. I thought absence was supposed to make the heart grow fonder. What the hell is happening here?
Did my Sweet Friend turn it's back on me, was my only vice no longer satisfying?...or did I just learn a valuable lesson? Did I just realize that I really only need 3 bites of cake to feel satisfied?....I think oui.

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