Monday, March 17, 2008

My $125 Bathrooom Remodel I went a little over budget. But isn't it beautiful?
New botanical shower curtain $30.00 New towels $20.00

Decorative Mirror $0 (hiding in my closet)

Wall cabinet $0 (store display not being used)

Ikea frames & Cavallini Postcards $5

Wall cabinet $50 (and hours worth of labor!) New full spectrum lightbulbs $10

Pretty little things $0 (just needed to unpack)

Paint & Supplies $10 (already had a gallon of paint leftover from a store project)


Leif and Jami Gustafson said...

Your bathroom is SO cute!! I love the shower curtain. That was one of the first things I asked my mom to send me when we moved here was a cute shower curtain- they are all hideous here... and it really makes a big difference! Anneka is sleeping now, but when she wakes up I'll be sure to give her three kisses from her auntie Cory.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and looks like it was decorated by a famous design specialist! It looks like you planned forever and spent hundreds of dollars! Good Job Cory! (Now will you come do my house?) Arlo sends kisses.