Friday, March 7, 2008

Organic Cotton PJs Just In

Just arrived today....100% Organic Cotton Collection by PJ Salvage.

The collection includes a really pretty blue bird print chemise, and a matching floral pattern available in a cami, sleep short, or long pant. There are also two matching tanks in solid brown and cream. Of course, all pieces are exceptionally soft and cozy.

We are beginning to see more and more organic options available to us when we go on buying trips. Here is a little info on organic cotton:
Conventional cotton farming is one of agriculture's most environmentally destructive activities. The simple act of growing and harvesting the one pound of cotton fiber needed to make a T-shirt (or any other conventional cotton product) takes an enormous toll on the earth’s air, water, and soil, and significantly affects the health of people living in cotton growing areas.
The good news is that positive alternatives to conventional cotton and its related businesses are available. Over the past decade, a small number of farmers and manufacturers have pioneered the market for organically grown cotton, producing fibers and clothing while significantly reducing toxic chemicals.

New SALE rack additions made today!

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always sunny said...

those are sooooo cute.