Monday, July 21, 2008

one of the best parts of my day....

Surely your all wondering what the heck is going on with our new Pioneer Square shop? Well, it's coming along...a little slowly...but surely. We had hoped to be open sometime in July, but now it looks more like the end of August.
The wholesale portion has been up and running since June, and I'm down here all the time working on products and new orders. It is sweltering hot in here and fortunately, there is a metal screen door I can leave locked, but open. I'm often in back, where passersby cannot see me, but I can hear them. The best part of my day...and it just happened, is when people walk by and I can hear them excitedly talking about the new Sweet Petula! And how excited they are that we are coming to the neighborhood. It makes me happy.
(the other best part of my day in Pioneer Square? Subway Sandwiches...I've just discoved them! They are delicious! Do not tell Tom B. aka: SnootyMcFancyFoodPants)

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