Sunday, July 13, 2008

new jewelry just in

Eau de Lavande
One of a kind necklace built around the large goldtone, arabesque-embossed medallion.
Nana - one of a kind vermeil earrings in smoky topaz, rose quartz and citrine

Mille Fiori - one of a kind baroque charm bracelet. This is my favorite favorite piece. There are so many interesting vintage charms on this piece. So pretty!
by NY jewelry designer, Anca, we only got in 5 pieces total, so stop in to see! I had posted a photo last week of her work, and now here is more!
A little bit about Anca....."I was born in Romania, in Eastern Europe and now, many years afterwards, I live in New York. I had fine arts training in my childhood and youth, but then I took a detour for a while, when I busied myself with some exact science and some business. As they say wisdom and maybe self-understanding come with age, and in my fourth decade I went back to what I love doing: painting and making jewelry. I am happy to have traveled all this way and to have finally understood what makes me who I am: my creativity."

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