Saturday, July 26, 2008

i do not love a parade

I am being held hostage by the Seafair Torchlight Parade. Today is technically my day off, after preparing all week for Girl's Night Out (more on that later...I left my camera at the shop). I had a relaxing wonderful facial at The Wax Bar this afternoon, then decided to pop into manufacturing to check on a few things. The people lining the sidewalks in their lawn chairs as I was parking did not tip me off to the fact that something was up. It was little Sarah H. at the shop who informed me what was brewing. I should have fled when I had the chance. So now, my car is parked in the middle of the parade and I'm stuck.

Oh great...the pirates are coming. Fake pirates are creepy.


always sunny said...

i feel for you.
I HATE parades.
except, the gay parade. i'd love to go to that.

my thoughts are with you.

Sweetest Petula said...

Thank you so much for understanding my situation.

And I love a Gay Parade also! In fact, I find the gay version of ANYTHING delightful!

always sunny said...


babyhoot. said...

fake pirates are creepy but Hollywood Pirates such as Captain Jack Sparrow are damn sexy.

When Kyle was younger (and Karis was a newborn) one of the Seafair Pirates told him they were going to eat Karis for a snack. He cried for so long.

Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo I love Jack Sparrow!!

Sidney Ann said...

I hate pirates and I still wouldn't kick Johnny outta bed. Hellooooooo luvah!