Thursday, July 3, 2008

I heart gin

I was in Ballard yesterday and happened to stop by the Dish D'Lish for a little lunch. I had the most refreshing summer drink called a Ginger Hibiscus Cooler (or something), that I will have to somehow duplicate for our Girl's Night Out. This particularly lovely little concoction was non- alcoholic, but I'm going to add some gin to zest things up a bit. It is a true fact that girls like gin.

I really love Redheart13's work. She seems very complicated in that there are super girly sweet feminine pieces, then really surprisingly bad-ass girl pieces. Nice! And if you love this necklace...please buy it here.

click on the photo to be taken to her blog


Modest Mousketeer said...

Can't wait for GNO... gin+girls=good.

missfire said...

So true! I am a girl = I <3 GIN!! Woo hoo! I should go get some.

I also heart Red Heart. Awesome stuff, great craftsmanship.