Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cleaning is fun!

I've been working like a crazy person trying to condense my 2,000+ s.f. office full of too much stuff into our new exactly 800 s.f. new Pioneer Square space. I have such a hard time getting rid of crafty bits I may need someday. And I have boxes and boxes of crafty bits. Sadly, some of it (more than half to be exact) simply must go. In the process of my deep clean, I have found some interesting things. Things I thought I had lost. But now they are back.

1. A black top hat that was my grandmothers.

2. Twin sized quilt I made out of tiny tiny squares when I was in high school that I hope to now finish for my niece Anneka.

3. The Oprah Magazine issue that Sweet Petula was featured in. I thought I had lost it, and didn't have a copy. I've been trying to buy a back issue on Ebay for the past few years with no luck. Do you know how much back issues of "O" magazines go for on Ebay? A lot. It is silly. Anyway, I don't need any old used Ebay "O" magazine anymore...because I found mine! My copy with a letter from the magazine's beauty editor, Valerie Monroe. So here it is. Our Bay Rum & Lime soap featured in Oprah all it's shining glory...during the biggest shopping month of the year. It was super fantastic. That Oprah. She's alright.

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