Friday, January 2, 2009

things I believe to be true after many glasses of champagne

that I/we/you should call that guy I/you just met and tell him exactly how I/you feel
that I should start dancing
that I haven't already told you this joke before
that I'm really really funny
that you're really really funny
that bringing out your camera is a great idea
that I should dye my hair
that this is the year all of my resolutions will come to fruition


gran family said...

-having a shaved head would help keep me from overheating

-I should call my mother in law and tell her how I feel

-oh look, a wild bear. he looks so cuddly; I think he wants a hug.

although I don't think it's champagne that people are drinking when they think those thoughts.

Callista said...

Happy New Year!
I hope you have recovered from the champagne!