Saturday, January 10, 2009

Giveaway Time!

New year, new Giveaway! This giveaway is completely unrelated to bath & body products of any type. So it is a bit of a departure from past contests.

While I was packing up the Madison Valley shop, I found about 4 brand spanking new CinemaTherapy books. This series of books is to help you decide what movie you should watch depending on your mood. Pretty fun. There are cool movie quotes and interesting movie tidbits sprinkled in. And you probably want one..right?

To enter, post a reply telling me your favorite movie. Better yet, tell me what your favorite movie is depending on whichever mood you happen to be in. Multiple postings perfectly acceptable. The winner will be chosen based on entirely on MY mood and dependant on the recommendation that appeals to me the most. Very democratic...I know.


knitsational said...

My favorite movie is Practical magic. At Christmas time I am compelled to watch all three versions of Little Women. When i need a good laugh I watch Dumb and Dumber.

heidi said...

When I'm in an introspective mood I sink into "Vertical Ray of the Sun"... a colorful, beautiful film. I've seen it a million times but never tire of it. I could listen to the Vietnamese language forever.

carogonza said...

My favorite movie is A WOnderful LIfe. I watch it at least 3 times a year!

Anonymous said...

Currently my favorite movies for any mood are Garden State, Mama Mia, and Across the Universe. I also love their soundtracks!
All time favorite for when I want to get into the Christmas mood is White Christmas.
When I need a good dumb laugh... A Night at the Roxbury.
If I want to feel good about my life, Sliding Doors.

Paper Girl Productions said...

One of my fave movies is Dirty Dancing and was on yesterday which reminded me its a fave of mine!! I just love Patrick Swayze!

always sunny said...

surprisingly i am not your regular chick flick lover...
probably my all time favorite is Breakfast Club. also i LOVE anything with a bank robbery. concerning, i know.

Thomas said...

When I want a fun time watching a movie, I watch "Sneakers" with Robert Redford.

Sweetest Petula said...

Well, hands down, Amelie. Makes me happy every time. If I am feeling like hunkering down for a while, Pride and Predjudice. For guilty pleasure and escape, Stealing Beauty.

-From Stephanie G. (via Facebook)

Thanks Steph! (via me)

Tulaloo said...

I really love The Story of Us with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. It never ever fails to make me cry (in a good way). As soon as they get to the flashback montage with classical gas playing in the background I tear up.

Helen said...

I love "While You Were Sleeping" with Sandra Bullock. I don't own it, surprisingly, so I Netflix it every Christmas. And proceed to watch it twice, back-to-back, and then probably a 3rd time before I mail it back. It's the best little feel-good, cute Christmas movie I've ever seen.

Amanda said...

This is one of my all time worst questions to be asked at any time. Ever. I can tell you where I stand on the most controversial hot topics. However, ask me what my favorite movie is, and I turn into neurotic babbling circle talker-thinker. Should I stick with something Indie and support a dying craft (the Station Agent), one of my favorite documentaries that has opened my eyes and changed my life (Out Foxed)? How about a comedy that relaxes my mind and reflects my love of dark humor (Big Lebowski, does Heather's count here?) A sweeping love story (The English patient) A guilty pleasure (Dirty Dancing) a respectable film (the Usual suspects).... Sorry for bringing you into this mess.

The old standby... The Princess Bride.

Tina said...

My favorite all time movie is Sweet November. It makes you realize how wonderful life is and how not to take anything for granted. It shows you how important life is and that money isn't everything. I always remind myself of this and try to add say or do something special for everyone I meet. "Pay kindness forward and you will be rewarded two fold"

Nicole Matisse said...

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever has got to be hands down one of the best and most radical cinematic methods to cheer up one's mood.

As an interior designer and personal stylist by trade, I can't get enough of the fabulous set and costume design! It is sheer delight.

Start with the delightful kookiness (and fantastic pipes) of Barbra Streisand in all her glory...add a dash of surprising and delicious leading men, and then toss it all together with a wildly trippy storyline. Scrumptious. If you haven't seen it, do so soon.

Second in command to cheer me up via outrageous set and costume design + a wacky plot: What a Way to Go! A must for any serious stylist who likes to peruse the silver screen for inspiration in the most bizarre of places.

~Nicole Matisse

Sexy. Sustainable. Fabulous! We design your life.

jessilynn said...

One of my all time favorites is the movie, "Imitation of Life" with Lana Turner...loved it!

Another Lana Turner movie that was awesome was "Madame X."

Have you ladies ever seen these? If you like old classics you all would love them.

jessilynn said...

Another favorite is Bette Davis & Joan Crawford in, "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?" This movie was great in a weird sort a

Lastly for something more current, my favorite love story is a tie between "The Notebook" and "An Officer and a Gentleman."

jessilynn said...

This is fun...last two I promise -

A favorite that you can watch over and over is Steel Magnolias (that is the correct name isn't it?)

And I have to agree with you Callista on "A Night at the Roxbury." lol It's so dumb, it's funny! Me and my son watch this together and alway's find something new to laugh when the boys are in their THONG speedos walking down the beach trying to pick up women...hahahaha! That just cracks me up!

Thanks for the topic, it was fun! Kristi