Friday, January 16, 2009

if you need a reason to visit Sweet are two.

#1 Monday is MLK Day, which means free Parking! (and much more I realize...but for the sake of this post...parking). So come downtown and park it...then scoot on over to Sweet Petula.
#1 Sweet Petula is giving away a Free Gigantic Aromatherapy Travel Candle just for stopping in. The "Gigantic" part isn't technically part of the the product title...just something I wanted to throw in for you. Because they are. Our candle giveaway is good until January 31st, so if you miss out on #1, you won't be too terribly sad.
Remember to mention this offer, as we don't just give candles away to any schmo walking in off the street, only our very best customers. Like you.


Home2k9 said...

Oh! I wish I could go! I have to work... it's sacrelige.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a good turn out. Was bummed that I couldn't make it in.

Sidney Ann said...

"Travel" and "gigantic"??? Sounds like a contradiction in terms, sweet pea. I'll be there.