Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vote for Colleen!

For those of you that shopped at my first all know Colleen, of Colleen M. Monette flowers. She has been nominated for King 5's "Best Of"...and if you've seen her flowers, you know she is truly the best! Vote here....
A few years ago, Colleen decided close her store front and work solely out of her home studio. I know a lot of you have seen her work...she is so talented. It is pretty mind blowing. Apparently, she is thinking of retiring, which is sort of a crime, considering her skills (and the fact that she is in her 40' I'm jealous).

so pretty!

Good Luck Colleen! I hope you win!


always sunny said...

whooo hoooo. i totally voted!!

Brie said...

Go Colleen! Congratulation to her!