Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the opposite of "bananas"

The Rachel Zoe Project is a Bravo TV docu-drama that follows celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her trusted inner circle -- husband Rodger and fashion team, Taylor and Brad -- as they go about their day to day uber-important fashion business. I want to love it, as I'm a sucker for junk food-esque reality tv, but I can't even get through an episode of this one.
Rachel is constantly whipping out these little catch phrases she has come up with. They would be (sortof) amusing if she didn't overuse them to the point of nausea. Her favorites?
"She's Shutting it Down"...used when an attractive Starlett looks amazing in a designer gown.
"I Die"....used when something sparkly/shiny/pretty catches Zoe's eye.
"It's Bananas"...used to describe anything and everything. Over and over. Ughh.....It is so NOT bananas.
Anneke Jakobs is a designer/applied artist who makes beautiful things. Using mostly found objects and reclaimed materials her sense of design revolves around deconstruction and reconstruction and how those two things can create completely different worlds. Check out her beautiful cardboard chandelier made from deconstructed banana cartons. The best thing is she has provided the instructions. It's pretty bananas.


always sunny said...

WOW. that IS banana's.
i would definitely hang one up, but im not sure i am awesome enough to make one.

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

that is incredible. who would think of making something with old banana cartons? cool.

Zu-Li Designs said...

I like the Rachael Zoe show, but she sounds so valley girl sometimes, that it drives me bananas!!!