Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lola Loves You

Something new to check out..Lola Loves You Lingerie Shop. Full of vintage lingerie and girly goodness. This cute little shop is stocked full of lace, ruffles and all things sexy. I'm such a sucker for girly goodness....I think I may love Lola right back.

Reasons I love Lola:
1. Each item in her shop has a sassy name. For example; "Hey there Babydoll", "Black Dahlia Slip", and "Poison Apple Teddy".
2. More than half of her items are under $30.00.
3. She was born on Valentines Day, which is like the only day someone who has a vintage lingerie shop should be born on.
4. She lives in Spokane, which as we all know is where the most awesome of all people come from.


Lola said...

You are too kind! I shall have perma-smile the rest of the day now :) Lola Loves Sweet Petula! xoxo

always sunny said...

(hee hee)
i love lola too.
can we all be friends?

Sweetest Petula said...

yes please! Maybe we should start a club? A Cool Spokane Girls Club.

always sunny said...

i love that idea!
us three spokaloo's!
i can just see it now...
wrar! dangerous.

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I just came on here to tell you that I took a bath a couple of nights ago using the awesome fizzy bath stuff I got at your Crave book party and it was SO FUN. It was like taking a bath in a bottle of champagne. VERY ENJOYABLE.

Callista said...

I think I love lola too!

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog. I took a wonderful bath last night using sea salts I purchased from you and wow... it helped me feel soo much beter.