Monday, October 13, 2008

Gypsy Dinner

So I'm sure you've all seen the Rock of Love episode where Bret escorts his three "ladies" to a place called Opaque.
No? Well let me catch you up. Opaque is an elegant LA restaurant where all of the fine dining happens in the dark making for a more sensory, intimate experience. Sounds interesting and someplace I would love to check out. Perhaps with someone other than Bret Michaels, but still. How intriguing. Well, Seattle has our own sensory intimate dining experience called Gypsy. At Gypsy, all the lights are left on, but described as, "one of the sexiest dining experiences in Seattle", of course I jumped at the chance to attend when invited.

From the Gypsy website....

"Gypsy is a roving feast for all of the senses, a multicourse meal, half French Laundry, half Cirque de Soleil. Gypsy is an Underground dining concept where expecting the unexpected is a prerequisite. Exquisite cuisine combine with sparkling wit, great conversations with unbridled curiosity.

Guests will be given the address a few nights before the event, not before. No money changes hands at the event. This concept is not for everyone. Many many people like the predictability and constancy of standardized restaurant experiences. Eating with us is always different, new people at the table, new chef creating brilliant new food, new locations; it takes a special kind of foodie to join this revolution. Because of this and obviously because of local regulations Gypsy is a Private Club. You can't just come to dinner. Sorry."

Last night's chef was Jason Wilson, of Crush. I'm posting the menu to make you all swoon with jealousy. I'm still full 20 hours later.

(photos of Crush restaurant)

Alaskan Sea Salted Housemade Breads & Irish Butter
Gruyere Cheese Gougeres (i'm pretty sure my bf made these little babies..he makes the best little cheesy poufs ever)

Trio of Amuses
Heirloom Squash Croquettes & Watercress Chevre
Crudo of Hamachi with Pickled Chanterelles & Fennel
Paddlefish Caviar & Kushi Oyster Veloute, Leeks & Black Truffle

First Course
Roasted Carlton Farms Pork Belly & Jeres Vinegar
Pinata Apple”Cigar”, Frisee & Sauce Vert (we were the first to try these apples!)

Second Course
Roasted Mero Sea Bass & Lobster Mushrooms (my very favorite thing of the evening. The sea bass tasted like lobster)
Sage Brown Butter, Indian Summer Corn

Third Course
Sassafras Roasted Hudson Valley Duck Breast (to die for)
Heirloom Farro, Baby Turnips & Pomegranate (so amazing and delicous)

Fourth Course
72 Hour Painted Hills Beef Short Rib
Yukon Potato Puree, Garden Carrots, Truffled Parsley (this was divine. I'm sure each serving had 6 sticks of butter)

Fifth Course
Hazelnut Caramel Mousse Bombe Smoked Sea Salt & Cherry Bourbon (couldn't eat it..had to take it home)

Inside of Crush...oh how I want to go.

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