Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweet Petula Salts Featured in Treasury ON ETSY FRONT PAGE!

Imagine my surprise tonight when I sit down with my laptop, go to Etsy and see Sweet Petula Salts not only in a Treasury...but on the FRONT PAGE treasury. I'm just so darn excited....I can hardly stand it. For those of you who don't know what Etsy is (for shame), it is my newest addiction (thanks Jessica, I blame you) and like the best on-line shopping ever. totally. and for sure. Members get to pick out different items that they like and make these really pretty treasuries that are nifty photo collage thing-a-ma-jigs. Anywho.....the admin at Etsy often choose super awesome collections to feature on the front page. And Sweet Petula Salts were there. The most amazing thing about Etsy is how popular it is. I sat for a few minutes refreshing my views page and it was amazing the number of hits. Of course by "a few minutes" I mean 1 hour.


babyhoot. said...

that's way cool! congrats. And nice timing too- the front page changes often, I believe.
And yeah... about that addiction... I am so sorry... I gotta track down the girl that told ME about Etsy.
But it's soooo good... Now I wonder if Etsy is a gateway drug to blogs.

always sunny said...