Friday, April 4, 2008

New from Sidney Ann House of Design

Just in today from local designer, Sidney Ann....lovely vintage-inspired coaster sets.
These are very durable and beautifully made with soldered aluminum edges and backed with protective rubber bumpers. Sidney also makes great cosemetic bags as well as clutches and handbags. We have some of her pretty cosmetic bags in that will coordinate with Sweet Petula products for a great Mother's Day gift.
Sidney is a local artisian and sells her work around Seattle. From her website..."My name is Sidney Ann. I live in Seattle right next to the Space Needle where it is often raining and always beautiful. I have about five jobs, but this is my favorite. I'll do just about anything to avoid working in an office. I have a million ideas and never enough time. I am inspired by city life; architecture; all things old and vintage; athleticism; fashion; prints; and little kids with messy hair.Deep deep down I aspire to be a clothing designer and/or a painter. "
Come in and see these beauties!

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Sidney Ann said...

Hey Cory, thanks for the little feature. I added your blog link to my blog. Can't wait for the sale!