Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Good Clean Dogs

The competition is heating up people. Check out Lucca. He is a rescued little puppy that came to his owners in need of heart surgery. His heart is all fixed up now and he's fit as a fiddle.
p.s. this dog is so stinkin cute. I think i love him. his little lips are so fuzzy.

Lucca prefers 100% organic cotton as it is better for the environment.

Rocko is a handsome black and white Boston Terrier that was adopted last August and he lives for chasing bouncy things. About Rocko, his owner, Cameron says, "he is definitely a spokes dog for being Good and Clean now because he had previously been tied up and left out to suffer from flea and worm infestations that were so bad he lost all of his fur. He's now sporting the most handsome coat and he's full of personality".

Miles is a very handsome fella. He is always thinking about food and LOVES water of all sorts... baths, swimming, especially HOSES.


always sunny said...

i can certainly vouch for those FUZZY LIPS!!! they are fantastic to give smooches too.

sweetest petula said...

Well, I would kiss Lucca right on the lips. Yes I would...and I wouldn't care who saw me do it.