Thursday, June 10, 2010

lavender, lavender, lavender!

Everyone always asks me what my favorite scent is. It is lavender. Herbal & fresh & clean, Lavender always smells good to me. It is one fragrance I never tire of and one of my favorite scent memories....(Tuscany, lavender plants outside my window, lots of rain, loss of power...I could go on, but I will not.)
I'm having a Lavender Month special over at Sweet Petula until June 30th. All Spa Luxury products in Fresh Lavender are 1/2 off!
Shop on-line before June 30th, and regardless of your favorite scent (lavender, lemon, bay....whatever you fancy) I'll throw in a bar of my newest Petite Shea Butter Soap in Sea Salt & Lavender.

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