Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

The last month brought 2 additions to my family of little tiny baby girls. Soon I will have an army. An army of Little Sweetest Petulas. We will dress in tutus and march! (not sure what our cause will be just yet....I'm working on it) But, in honor of the two fellas that made my newest neices possible.....Happy Father's Day!
Above is my sister with her husband Leif and their first baby Anneka....just a few days ago little baby Ella was added to their sweet family. Let's call her LBE.

And above, my brother-in-law Steve with his little girl Reagan. Steve & my sister added Faith just a few weeks ago! (p.s. check out that glass of what I'm pretty sure is Crown Royal!)

Happy Father's Day to everyone, but especially these two new Dads.

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