Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Year of The Tiger

Happy (Lunar) New Year!....two days late. One of my customers, Dorit Ely, makes a yearly postcard celebrating the lunar New Year. I just received this one and of course, love it.
From this year's card, "Each lunar new year is represented by a guiding animal spirit: this year, the passionate and brave tiger empowers us to jump into the new and unknown with daring determination to accomplish our dreams and bet on bold breakthroughts. The tiger hunts for thrill and adventure, so whatever sparks new exploration and vitality for you .....go wild! And the flip side of the ferious feline?...It's a good time to power your inner cool cat, tame and tiger termoil that may burden the beast, and take time out for purrrfect cat naps to replenish. May the year ahead burn brightly for you. Go get'em, tiger!"
Dorit just launched a new bath & body line (that Sweet Petula was able to help with!), and her aromatics can be found at Lucca, Momo, & Sandy Lew in the Seattle area.


Anonymous said...

love that card!

jacqueline said...

Happy luna new year! Wishing you paws-perity in the year of the tiger! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!