Saturday, February 20, 2010


The winner of our "what have you done for love" contest is Barbara L! Barbara wins $50 worth of Sweet Petula product for sharing her story. What's her story? it is.

January 11th, 2009 my husband Ernie and I, (that's them up there..aren't they cute?), met while playing Poker Palace on MySpace.
After hours of playing together we switched to IM (you had me at IM), and talked through the whole night. While we originally intended to be just friends (boys never want to be just friends Barbara...true documented fact), it was a very short time before he stole my heart. (I think he had a plan with that whole "just friends" idea he sold you on.)
He finally convinced me to meet him and I flew to North Carolina to meet him Valentine's weekend. My plan was if he ended up being some weird0, I could get back on the plane and head home. (good thinking B.....if he came to you how would you get rid of him?) Well things went great, (I think B left out a bunch of good stuff here...but who am I to pry?), and after I flew home I couldn't stop thinking about him. But....(oh B, your soooo practical) I just didn't see how things could work out. I even tried breaking it off. (don't do it will find a way) He wouldn't hear of it. (Hooray for Ernie!) He gave up everything-job & home...and he and his son Hank moved here on March 27th. We married May 9th, less than 4 months from meeting. I now have three additional children and two grand babies. I can only say to all of those still looking...never give up. (and I can only ask....does Ernie have a brother?) You never know when souls who are meant to be together will find each other, or how. -Mrs. Locklear (Happy Valentine's Day Barbara & won because your story rocks!)


jenny watkins said...

Yeay, Barbara! One of my friends won! Whoo-Hoo! That was a really romantic story. Kind of hard to top that one... Congrats Barbara! Cory has alot of great soaps and lotions. If I may make a suggestion please... try the La Nuit soap. It is to die for!

Catherine said...

LOVE the editorials!!