Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love is in the air...

It's time for a contest! Last year around Valentine's Day, I posted about a sign I saw in a window. The sign asked, "what have you done for love?"...I loved that question, so I decided this year to pose this question to you. Winner will be chosen completly at random depending on my whim.
So.....*What have you done for love?
Winner will get a delightful assortment of Sweet Petula products sent to them....valued at $50. Leave a comment and a way for me to contact you.
*here is my list....
-said I would love to be an organic farmer on a remote island.
-became a vegetarian
-played Ultimate Frisbee {I was actually quite skilled}
-camped (in a TENT) for 4 nights (STRAIGHT)
-agreed that we could name our first child Arugula.
(spelled like the lettuce, but pronounced Are Jula)
p.s. it wasn't all for the same boy.


rue renee said...

most recently, when my boyfriend had to work late I left out a plate of fresh baked cookies on the counter with a note that said "for you". (but only after I had eaten twice as many myself!)

always sunny said...

i waived my fee for sex.

Leif and Jami Gustafson said...

One time in high school we had these data-match love quizzes that showed your compatibility you different people in the school. I REALLY liked a certain boy and I wanted ours to match up, so when no one was looking, I snuck his questionnaire out of the pile and changed mine to match his perfectly. When the results came out a few weeks later, ours were so obviously matched up it was embarrassing! And by then, my eyes had switched to someone else.

Sweetest Petula said...

Oh Jami...you are SO my sister! :)

ais.ais.baby said...

one of my biggest regrets, was always assuming success was more important that a guy in my life. I regret not opening my heart to many guy friends in high school who have shown interest in me or who I liked (in short, I totally let them down). I always thought being unattainable was better. I regret never telling them that I appreciated their friendship. And now, at 26, I am successful... but single. And only then did I realize, I need to change my perspective in life.

littledeadmommy said...

for love I...

-quit a crappy job
-moved away to be with my boyfriend
-gave birth to our son
-now I stay home everyday taking care of our kid while he works


Online Degrees said...

AAaa i do nothin for love! coz i never fall down in Love! but i wants! truth is it that there is no girl come into my my life if some one will com then i will never leave her! nice post!! nice to read it!!!

Anonymous said...

I said YES! ;)

Anonymous said...

OK, let me rephrase that. I said Yes, to one of the biggest StarWars geeks around!

c_wojo said...

I stopped paying a fee for sex.

Rachel said...

My high school love (who I was absolutely smitten over) moved across the country to California. I was in Chicago at the time. I'm deathly afraid of flights, so I made the drive all the way to Los Angeles. It took me almost a week to make the drive. When I finally showed up at his house, I learned he had begun dating someone else. I was heartbroken, exhausted, and completely pissed. Needless to say he ended up with a keyed car and I ended up with a broken heart. I learned my lesson though and now I can say I'm much better at picking them. :)

Rachel said...

oh and my email is silverheartagram@gmail.com

DrGirlfriend said...

What have I done for love?
-eat salads...and eventually like them.
-helped my boyfriend's dad (who hates me and thinks I'm his son's downfall) spackle and repaint the garage and bathroom.
-made a hat...almost, kinda, sorta..
-watched Memento (ew)
-agreed to support him on his crazy maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet.
-figured out a new way to make ramen for him so he wouldn't be bored in college.
-posed nude for his life drawing sketches for art school
-switched to gluten free
-moved across the US

Anonymous said...

My senior year of high school, I had my mind set on going to school in Hawaii to study marine biology. I got accepted and soon moved across the ocean and away from my boyfriend. In my heart it was important to do things for me and thought if it was meant to be he would still be waiting for me when I came home. Long story short, he missed me so much and I was miserable without him, so I changed up my plans and moved back home from him. I still miss the islands, but we're still together. I gave up paradise but he made it worth it for me.