Friday, August 6, 2010

this makes me feel good.

"100% of customers would recommend this to a friend."
This makes me very happy. Tonight I saw three reviews on of my Petite Shea Butter Soaps. All (very lovely) customers gave Sweet Petula 4 out of 4 stars!
Here they are....
Pros: beautiful paper package, quality, lovely smell
Cons: you will want more (I love her)
"I have purchased two bars and used them in my bathroom sink. With regular use they last about a month. Sweet Pea is my favorite with Milk & Honey a close second. They smell so clean, almost baby-like!"
"I love the look and smell of this soap. I haven't tried it yet, hope it meets my expectations" (It will, I promise)
Pros: sweet scent and sweet packaging
"The scent of this tiny soap filled the large box in which my package was sent. It is a clean, sweet flowery scent that I found irresistible. The packaging is lovely as well"
I think lovely should be the word of the day.


Anonymous said...

awww.... such great comments! I love the Sweet Pea soap and there was one I think it had clover in the name... I loved it!

Sweetest Petula said...

Yes! This soap used to be Sweet Pea & Clover, but the Anthro buyers wanted just Sweet Pea. I think I should bring back the Clover.

Scarlett Reed said...

Lovely is right! Congrats! Also, clover sounds delish :)

joven said...

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