Friday, August 27, 2010

hey, can I do that?

Every time someone sees how the soap bricks are cut at Sweet Petula, they always ask, "Hey, can I do that?" It is pretty nifty. So I thought I'd share photos of how it is done.
Photo #1 (above) The bricks. I make 90 lbs of soap, pour it into a large Plexiglas mold, then cut that big block into smaller bricks. These are those bricks.

#2 Each brick sits on the cutter (which has interchangeable bar sizes.....that is the white plate thing on the bottom)

#3, you push the grid over the brick & viola! Soap bars. This part is very satisfying. Think of cutting a 8 lb hunk of cheese at once. It just feels cool.

#4 Detail of the small end pieces that get cut off. These pieces (usually bigger than what you see in this photo) are where my soap seconds come from.

#5 It's like magic.


Anonymous said...

That looks so cool. Thank you for sharing.

Sidney Ann said...

I sure do miss jumping on top of that thing.

Sweetest Petula said...

Eunjoo, you should see me cut the large chunch of 90lbs. I have to STAND on the cutters and hop up and down!

Crafty Critter said...

Very cool. Just used one of your bars of soap after a hard day of DIY. Ah! I feel so much better now! Thanks for sharing part of your process with us.

Anonymous said...

Good to see how the soap that is use being cut.Thanks for sharing and also thanks soo much for the lovely soaps.

Anonymous said...

very cool to see this part of the process!