Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping for my inner Francophile

On-line shopping at work. What could be better? Good thing I'm the boss. Head over to Net-a-porter. They sell amazing fashions of well known designers as well as more obscure lines. I'm in love with this outfit. Chloe "Cyndi" tote ($2200.00), Burberry Cashmere Coat ($1695.00), and Christian Louboutin Ankle boots ($1195.00).
I feel like there is something missing in my life....could it be these boots?

Need a more affordable look to satisfy your inner Francophile without breaking la banque? Check out LaRedoute. Christian Lacroix Dress ($95.00).


Pamela Poole said...

Hi Sweet Petula.

There's a home for your inner francophile too: It's the only social network for francophiles. I'm the founder. Something tells me you'd enjoy the shopping group...

Hope to see you there!


Maria R. Harriss said...

I have checked out your outfits. Here all of your outfits are black color. The black dress and shoes are looking nice. Burberry trench coat are also standard color. Can you give me some white color dress specification.