Tuesday, August 5, 2008

get ready!

August 15th-August 23rd
Amazing deals on closeouts, samples and discontinued merchandise. Shop early for best selection & shop late for best markdowns & don’t miss the $1 table!

Tuesday-Saturday 10-6 & Monday 11-5 (we will be listing a bunch of sidewalk sale items in our Etsy shop as well)


Sidney Ann said...

M'there. You big baby.

Callista said...

WooHoo!! Sales are the BEST!!!

always sunny said...

dammit, and i will be there a few days after that. poo. online shopping here i come!

Sidney Ann said...

I meant to say cry baby. Not just baby. See? That makes more sense.

Sweetest Petula said...

I see my sensitivity scares you.

always sunny said...

ooh neat!
my sale matches yours and i didn't even do that on purpose!

hopefully this will bring us good luck. hey, i am making frosted cupcake lip balm (and coconut) want some samples?