Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day! (& contest)

Contest time! Some lucky guy is going to win a Mr. Mustachio gift set valued at $43.00.
(shaving soap, shaving creme, bath salts & lip balm)

Here are the rules....
1. be a fan of my Facebook page.!/sweetpetula
2. post ONE sentence on the page describing why your guy is the best.
Winner will be announced on Monday, June 20th.
Good Luck!


Pili said...

1.- I am a fan on facebook as Maria Pilar Albarran.

2.- Why my guy is the best? Because not only he doesn't complain about all the handmade products that I buy for him, but also asks me to buy more for him when he runs out of them. That, and he's just the best, even when he gets on my nerves!

3.- I love the new shop, I think it's only missing an after shave lotion! Once the bf runs out of the Naked Mr Mustachio that I got him, I'll go buy shaving soap from the new shop!

Samcalam said...

My guy is the best because he loves me no matter what-

I hearted your lovely new shop and I am already a FB fan ;)

Jerilyn said...

1. You know I'm a big fan.

2. My guy has been my best friend for almost 25 years.

3. I love all your stuff.

Kate said...
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Kate said...

My guy is the best because he always makes time for his girls.

Been a sweet Petula and Facebook fan for awhile.

anutts said...

Already a fan!!

My guy is the best because he is my daughter's Daddy when he doesn't have to be. When she was 3, after he and I had been dating a couple of years, she asked him, "will you be my pretend daddy?" and he said yes. (Her biological father-my ex-husband-had left us and never been in her life.) We later stopped dating but remained good friends. She is now 15 and he is still her daddy!! He goes to all of her school and church functions, and is always there for her. This is why my guy is the best!!!

Love the store and new items!!

Jessica Barrett said...

1. I'm happily a fan on Facebook!

2. My guy is the best because not only does he love and embrace me for who I am in all of my quirkiness, but he shows kindness to everyone and every living thing!

3. Love the shop, and have "hearted" it! I love Mr. Mustachio- what an awesome logo.