Sunday, December 5, 2010

Field Trip!

Today I headed out to Olde Burien to visit some of my old friends and sell Sweet Petula at a trunk show. Olde Burien is where my first shop was located. I love Olde Burien! People who don't know about this great little area are often shocked at how cool it is. I have such good memories of this neighborhood. My trunk show was at Zizia, which is the old Sweet Petula. The photo above is of the Danish Bakery mascot, which is directly next door....dangerous.
(fyi: this is one of the best places within miles of Seattle to buy a birthday cake...the only trick is convincing the owner, Lola, to make it!)
827 SW 152nd street
Olde Burien, Washington 98168
(for the record I HATE the "Olde" was "Old" for years. We voted. My side didn't win. I hate the "Olde"...but I guess I already mentioned that.)

More Zizia

I love these! They are baby t-shirts that predict the future of your child!

artwork at Fireweed Beads

Festive shopper. :)

Look who I found on my way out of town!

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mama kate said...

Addy immediately recognized the Danish Bakery! She wants a little sandwich from Lola now. It's been a loooong time, so I was so surprised she remembered. Missing Olde Burien this holiday season. And were a part of so many of our Christmases. XOXO