Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i smell christmas

Just finished up a new Christmas candle....these little lovelies are divine. A combination of spruce, cinnamon, & balsam fir this limited addition candle is my newest favorite thing. I burned one last night and the container is so beautiful & glowy (yes that is a word) when the candle is lit. I'm honestly not sure when I've been this excited about a new Sweet Petula product. I love these! Or maybe I just love Christmas. Currently, I only have 25 in stock (my pal Lisa over at Capers in West Seattle has 20+ as well)...more to come in a two weeks.


Teresa said...

Looks lovely and sounds divine.
How can I purchase one?
Teresa in Texas

Sweetest Petula said...

go to www.sweetpetula.etsy.com or call me at 206.246.3488

I have about 12 left!