Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Graditude is an Attitude

(photo by J P Greenwood)

I just got a pep talk from a homeless woman. She was delightful. It wasn't until after she told me to get over myself that I knew she was homeless...and it made my day. Just to be clear, she didn't literally tell me to "get over myself"...she just told me her theory of being grateful for what you have.....and it was wonderful....then after we chatted for awhile I realized she was in fact a homeless person. Kind of puts things in perspective.


always sunny said...

i want to hear that whole story tomorrow. and seriously. close the club. it's a party of 2, and people keep trying to join.

samsstuff said...

It's always great to see things from another perspective, especially on so completely different from our own. Thanks for posting. Let us know the whole story, if you get a chance.