Monday, February 9, 2009

Twice as Sweet

Join Sweet Petula & Sweet Anthem Perfume
for our joint Valentine's Day Trunk show
Friday & Saturday,
February 13th & 14th 10-5 at Sweet Petula
208 S. Jackson Street in Pioneer Square

All Sweet Petula products will be 25% off these two days only. We are also fully stocked up on $4.00 "Slightly Unsightly" soap bars and $8 bags of bulk soap.

Sweet Anthem will have many of her custom perfumes ranging in price from $10-$20...a can't beat price point for a sweet Valentine Day treat.
Sweet Anthem is a perfumery based in Seattle, WA run by designer Meredith Tucker. Her perfumes contain a mix of luxurious essential and fragrance oils. They are diluted in jojoba or evening primrose oil which provide a silky texture on the skin. This formulation helps create a long-lasting, divine fragrance experience.
With each new perfume, Meredith creates tributes to women that she admires; be they fictional, famous, or just some of her close friends. You may recognize some of them. *I'm waiting for the "Cordelia" hint hint Meredith...Others you might not. Regardless, they are each deserved of a fragrance of their own. Why must such prestige be reserved for supermodels and celebrities?
Smell nice and feel good, too
Unlike mass-produced, commercial perfumes, Sweet Anthem creates perfume oils using 80-85% concentration rates and dilutes most of the perfumes in jojoba, evening primrose, or pomegranate oil. This formulation creates a silky texture, a long-lasting fragrance, and a skin-safe perfume experience.
*please balance superhero, sex kitten, & ass-kicker, with undertones of earthyness (lets see how many of you actually read down to the end of my posts).


always sunny said...

CRAP. i wish i was there.
so, if your mom is going to be here, any chance we can take her to lunch?

Sweetest Petula said...

Mom will be here. We spent New Year's Eve together, so it is only fitting that we enjoy Valentine's together as well.

She will be back on Monday. I'll give her all your info. You should meet my little neice Jessica too...she is a babysitter now. took cute babysitting classes!

:::ZebraLilly::: said...

I've always wanted to visit your shop, and I just might have to this weekend. Saturday is my birthday and I should buy myself something nice :)